Autumn melancholy

As the years go by, I have noticed that during this deceptive time, when the sky scatters, the days become dark, the sun only slightly appears behind the clouds around noon, a mild disappointment increasingly overcomes me, some mournful sadness and anger, and here it is – the autumn melancholy.

As nature prepares for a long rest, I get more and more drowsy, and, I must admit, lazy as well.

My favorite time is about to come, wrapping myself in a soft blanket, lying on the couch in front of the TV or with some good novel and a cup of warm cocoa in my hand, … mmmmm.

Hibernation. And nature is preparing for its rest. The time for gathering energy and renewing resources … like nature does, so do I!

But autumn, autumn brings us the most obligations, going through the to-do list, running from one to another sale and doing everything else that we force ourselves to do.

In this way, our choice comes down to two options: more obligation or loneliness. And during that period (,) we need more strength. The dark of the midday does not do any good to anyone, it causes fatigue, weakens our will and limits our choices for a positively spent time.

My tricks for overcoming the autumn melancholy and filling yourself with positive energy

Whenever you can, catch a little bit of sun

The sunlight is the source of positive energy. It opens the horizons, lifts up the mood, and regulates the blood pressure. Fresh air, the smell of earth and leaves, and the intensive colors fill up the heart unbelievably.

Decorate your home

While walking in nature use the opportunity to collect natural autumn decorations like dry leaves of special colors and shapes, cones, chestnuts, wild, overripe fruit and flowers, dry branches, and even stones. Not only will these colors bring warmth and comfort to your home, but they will also fill it with a stunning scent of the half-asleep nature. If you lack inspiration, the Internet is full of suggestions. It instantly throws a smile on everyone’s face, and if it is self-made, you will be particularly proud of each aspect of your artistic creation.

Make a list of your favorite music

There is one rule here: choose music that elevates your mood. So, keep away from the sad melodies. Play, dance, jump, just shake the negative vibrations off you.


Are there certain dishes you have always wanted to try? Maybe some special seasonal vegetables? A creamy pumpkin soup? Chestnut-schnite? A fresh fig ragout? Homemade Nutella with hazelnuts and cocoa? Wild game? Food has always been great for elevating the mood. Tasty home-cooked food will visibly cheer you up, and it will also do some good to your health.


Nothing is more relaxing than a good book. A couple of pages are enough, at least a half an hour to escape from the daily stress and commitments. Like a little princess looking through the mirror, you’ll be surprised how nice it is. You could also watch some good documentary, a movie or a series, why not, the point is resting your brain for a bit, regeneration.

Surround yourself with positive, energetic people

Friends, family, colleagues from work, maybe a neighbor. The most important thing is that the energy of these people is pleasant for you.

Organize a SPA TIME for yourself

When the autumn winds come and warm days are gone, our body needs some time to get used to a sudden change of temperature. What is more appropriate than a fragrant, relaxing bath, with scented candles, aromatic salts, relaxing, calm music, and an essential oils massage.

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Hot drinks

Hot drinks such as tea, cocoa, and warm milk are most enjoyable during these cold days, because not only will you instantly warm up, but they will also slightly affect your health and your mental state…

Tip: If you have kids, and you include them at least in some of your activities, the effect of receiving good energy will be even bigger.

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