Breastfeeding needs to be learned.

Nobody has told me that before.

I hoped that as soon as my baby sees the light of the day, breastfeeding will happen in a very simple and spontaneous way. I was looking forward to this all the time.

I imagined the most beautiful pictures in my head with my little mouse. I wanted to give everything as a mom.

I have always thought that as soon as I give the breast to my baby, it will spontaneously work. What could be easier than that? Besides, it’s not just about feeding, it is also the most comfortable way to take care of the baby and give it love and affection.

Does a baby need morethan that?

Now I could laugh about it! Hahahahahaha.

Do you know that?

Everything that I have pictured as perfect and easy throughout my pregnancy, has become a struggle for us.

And then the reality hits

Day 1 – In the hospital:

“You do not have enough milk. The baby is crying because it is hungry. Should we try adding some supplements? “

My answer: ??? NO, thanks. All my baby needs is some more time. She has already had a bit and that’s enough.

Day 2 – Visitors and relatives:

“Your milk is not nutritious enough, don’t you see that your milk is transparent? It’s too watery, your milk is not filling her up enough. Just take the bottle and you will have your peace. “

My answer: NO, thanks. It’s MY MILK and she’s MY BABY. She was in my stomach, my body knows her and her needs. I know it’s enough for her.

Day 3 – Other new moms in the room:

“It was the same for us. I gave the bottle to my baby and since then my baby is calm and sleeps so peacefully. Try, it’s always better than torturing her.”

My answer: NO, thanks. She does not just need a full stomach. She needs ME. I kept on breastfeeding her.


My answers had nothing to do with having any idea about what I was doing. I did not know anything about such problems. It was my instinct that was speaking there.


The good thing was that from the beginning I have always had a very clear viewpoint.
OK. It did not work the way I thought it would. But that was no reason for me to give it up because the one thing I have always been aware of was: the nursing time is enormously important not only for my baby but also for me as a MAMA. I have already felt that the best moments for the two of us are coming.

At home in happiness

I cannot say if I acted in a right or wrong way. It is simply our experience and my way of handling things.
But what I can say is: I do not regret it. I would do the same all over again. It took a while for the two of us to get used to each other, but it was worth it!

And I was right about one thing – when it works, breastfeeding really is one of the best experiences in a life of a MOM. I would not trade these moments for anything in this world.

How to breastfeed easier?

I would like to make your breastfeeding easier for you with a few useful tips.

stillen breastfeeding dojenje

Breastfeeding made easier

Tip 1

Do not listen to the others. Follow your instinct. It does not matter if you choose to bottle or breastfeed. None of the options is completely right or wrong.
The most important thing is that your baby and you are satisfied and happy.

Tip 2

Take your time. Every beginning is hard. Enjoy it. Everyone has different experiences in this matter. Make your own experiences and memories.

Tip 3

Pleasure. Babies can feel the nervousness and stress. If you enjoy it, your baby will feel it immediately. It is important not to force breastfeeding, but to approach it as calmly and relaxed as possible.

Friends and family,
this is an appeal: A new MOM needs you.
It’s simple enough to be there and to comfort the young mom, it is enough to just say that when something goes wrong, it is completely normal and natural.


Tip 4

Peace. Breastfeeding in peace is very important so that your baby is not distracted by background noise and other trivial matters. Try to find a nice quiet place for you. Ours was the family bed.

Tip 5

Pay attention to your nutrition. Avoid spicy meals and drink plenty of water.

Tip 6

Tools. Sometimes you will have more milk, sometimes less. This is quite normal and it is called the milk-regulation-time. Your body must first recognize how much milk your baby needs.
Tools such as a breastfeeding pump, which you can also rent in your pharmacy, will help you with the milk regulation.

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