Spring came and with it one of the the biggest holiday – Easter.

Today, the Easter is celebrated all over the world, each in its own way, because it is a holiday that, above all, strengthens family ties, a holiday of happynes , joy, a holiday of socializing and special communication between people.

We all look forward to Easter, and most of all children.

For my children, Easter has a completely different meaning than for me.

This holiday has become a symbol of childhood and joy, and as such has become the “cornerstone” of not only religious but also general education and kids personality development.

For me, it is a holiday of rebirth and life, or, so to say, a chance for leaving everything bad behind and for a new beginning.

For this reason, explaining Easter to our children has special importance – to make warm memories for the whole life and to set them up for their personality development and value system.

Oster hase

It is very important for children to explain what, how and why we are doing in life.
The same goes for holidays. Explain to children what the holiday means and why it is celebrated, make their holidays more beautiful and joyful, and, at the same time, make it clear to them the lessons they carry is essential to their development.

Mamas Blogg


Easter has always been a “holiday of holidays,” the most important Christian holiday, celebrating Jesus’ return to life – a resurrection. It happened in the first week after the full moon, 3 days after his death.

Like every holiday we celebrated, this holiday had its own distinctive meaning and a message that he carried with him. A NEW BEGINNING.

For Orthodox Christians, Easter can fall at the earliest on April 4th, and no later than May 8th, and with Western Christians, it always falls between March 22nd and April 25th.

Easter is celebrated for three days: Easter, Easter Monday and Easter Tuesday. These three days, instead of the usual greetings, salute Christ’s resurrection, and repudiate the Vaistina Resurrection. And the red egg is an essential feature of this important holiday. It’s a symbol of life. Believers paint eggs in the Great Thursday or Friday. The eggs are red or colored, they are given to relatives and friends and all those who enter the house.

uskrsnja jaja

In my family, holidays had always, perhaps even untypical for our surroundings, a special significance: REUNION OF THE FAMILY.


Depending on the age of the child, it is very important and, among other things, is the parent’s duty, in the proper and “dosed” way to transfer the meaning of Easter.

For yet, Easter is connected with torment, death, and resurrection. These topics are very sensitive and children, especially younger people, can cause fear and other negative feelings.


This holiday meant for us, on one hand, an annual calculation. All ugly, all disagreements, wrangling and anger could last until Easter.

Easter table was brought to our home FAMILY UNIT, FORGIVNES AND RECEPTION. So say, NEW LIFE.

BECAUSE: that is the reason why God sacrificed his own son by sending him to earth and letting him pay for the sins of the mortal with his pain and death.

Both, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, all stories and legends, true or fiction, religious or commercial, principally carry only one message: HOPE IN A NEW LIFE.



Between hunting eggs and chocolates, it’s easy to overlook the true meaning of Easter.

The essence and significance of the Easter which in every way is more difficult to convey to your children is THE NEW ENTERTAINMENT.

To my children, (4 and 2 years old) I explain Easter on them in a particularly exciting way, through the testimony of fairy tales, or recounting the legend.

By the first signs of spring, these stories begin. We all have a reason to start the story of Easter. And the first bud, and the first greenhouse of the bush and tulip, and the first bee, as well as the first-recorded chocolate egg in the store. Nevertheless, our greatest inspiration is nature.

Happy Easter

Holiday = Provide quality time with children and family. Get together. Make Memories. Live.

Mamas Blogg
How do you and your children celebrate Easter?
What is the significance of this holiday in your family?

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How am I explaining Easter to my children? How did they explain to me what is Easter and why we celebrate it? How can children explain the essence and character of Easter?