I’m a MOM. My office is in the toilet.

My toilet has lost its primary purpose, but can I really say that? I come in, do the job as quickly as possible, come out in a record time pretending not to be doing anything … it’s the only quiet place in the house, currently my only personal corner, for about 15 minutes  several times a day.

The children have partially accepted that I want to be alone. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Well, very often, Mom has an audience in front of her (more precisely, my biggest fans, my 2 angels) so that everything is LIVE. What a stress…

Here is a list of some of the things that moms do in a toilet comparatively:

1. All important phone callsbaby on phone

No voices in the background, no cartoons or other irritating sounds. Calling, for example, BANKS, kindergartens, schools, making appointments with doctors, judges, lawyers, or insurance companies.
I need a private sphere because this is a big “job”, best to be done alone.

2.Basic arrangements

For example with: grandparents, best friends, and relatives, etc.

3. Online banking and FinanzOnline

Expenditures, income, open accounts, interest and everything else that requires your attention.

4. E-mails

Every day a bunch of e-mails, some of them need to be answered.

5. Social Messaging

We should not neglect our social lives, because nowadays it’s not only about private but also about business contacts as well as various meetings. For example Facebook, Messenger, Skype, Viber.

6. Updating your mobile phone

Deleting less beautiful photos from a mobile phone, sorting out music, checking the memory, antivirus, up-dating the applications, tools, image editing.

7. Managing the social media

social media
Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & Co

8. Reading

Online lectures on Youtube and other platforms.

9. Taking notes

To-do Lists. Shopping lists and other important things that we should not forget.

10. Selfies

You always need a good picture, don’t you? If necessary, do some image processing.

Sometimes I use it for the right purpose, but only sideways, all the things mentioned above have priority.

And if you also do things like that in your toilet, let us know  😉