Macarons that are melting in the mouth … With my 12 TRICKS, a couple of good TIPS and a detailed description of the right technique, the most perfect Easter dessert cannot fail!

Spring like spring … Children, business, constant learning and unavoidable appointments.


The Easter is coming. With it, also the holidays and the guests. Somehow I have a full agenda for the next 30 years in advance. And my energy is constantly at some 5% to 10%.

And then they ask me why I am such a candy addict.

When cakes or sweets of any kind are at stake, I can hardly wait to get my hands on rolling pin and wooden spoon.

Of course, I am aware of that good old saying: there is no happiness in food.

In my version it would sound like this:

There is no happiness only in food, it is also in the sweets.

Mamas Blogg

I’m the happiest when I make cakes. But!


Mamas Blogg

As always, when I plan to make meals, I always plan the dessert and sweets first. Then I adapt other dishes to them. In case of some light (?!) desserts such as MACARONS, other dishes must be more elaborate, with more side dishes and a corresponding selection of ingredients, groceries and drinks


My perfect Easter table this year will be quite reduced, quick and easy to prepare, but with enough charm and in the spirit of the festivities we celebrate.

Regardless of all, the food on the table brings the family and friends together, and especially the EASTERN TABLE.

Mamas Blogg

The reason for this is the problematic time management, because I do not want to, but I have to achieve everything.

Our perfect Easter dessert for this year is definitely one of the most popular sweets of today – macarons.


MACARONS – sandwich cookies, cheerful, colorful, of delicious taste and phenomenal appearance.

They are simply the perfect dessert for the Easter table.

And the kids just adore them!

They are suitable for every holiday, and if you let your imagination run free, by playing with colors and tastes you can make a new combination each time.

You can also use them as a decoration for a cake or some other dessert, and everyone will be delighted!

Interesting: The macarons are the most popular sweets sold in Paris. In France, guests usually bring macrons as a gift. They are a symbol of luxury, sophistication and pure enjoyment.

Macarons als Geschenk? - Mamas Blogg

No worries, the preparation is simple, and this long description contains more tips and tricks.

In order to make the macarons as good as possible, it is important to adhere to the rules of ingredient relations and the preparation process, because actually behind the pastel shades and beautiful textures, an art and technical science inspired by sweets is hidden.

Of course, to shorten my chatter, I prepared a light version of everything (: D). By clicking on the download you can download this RECIPE AS A PDF.


Interesting: Macaron is a sandwich cookie. Do not mix it with Macaroon, Macaroni, or Macron. It was created in 1533 by Queen Elizabeth Catherine De Medici’s chef. The essential ingredients: The typical macaron is presented with a ganache cream between two cookies in a variety of colors and flavors. Source: Wikipedia

Easter Macarons Recipe

Before starting the adventure called macarons, read my Tricks. They will make things much easier.


  1. Almond flour does not have to be homemade, you can also buy it. However, I have made it myself (in the following description, you can read how).
  2. Instead of almonds, you can use hazelnuts, but it is important that they are roasted and peeled.
  3. It is necessary to separate the egg whites from the yolk one day before, cover them well and leave them at the room temperature.
  4. Separate the egg whites in a special bowl and measure exactly 115 grams, because the eggs may be smaller or larger, and this is a very important part.
  5. It’s a good idea to make the cream one day before, to cool well in the fridge, so that the next day, everything would go faster.
  6. The bowls, which you are using for mixing, should not be moist.
  7. The temperature of the room is preferably 26 degrees C or higher.
  8. Everything should be measured several times, as well as weighed.
  9. Use an electric mixer.
  10. You know that the whipped cream is good when you turn the mixer you are using upside down (so that the top is up) and the top that is made of the cream is standing upright, not bending.
  11. Mix the nutritional colors in almond flour, and all the other colors in the egg whites two shades darker than the desired color.
  12. If you do not have food color at hand, use cocoa or instant coffee.





for 40 individual or 20 whole biscuits when they are combined with cream


3 egg whites (exactly 115 grams)

100 g of almond flour (or very finely minced almonds)

200 g of powdered sugar

50 g of fine crystal sugar

pinch of salt

nutritional color or a little bit of cocoa


100 g of milk chocolate (white or black)

30 ml of sweet cream

1 teaspoon of lemon juice

1 teaspoon of finely grated lemon

Preparation of the cream:

Put the pieces of milk or white chocolate in a high bowl. Heat the sweet sour cream to the point of boiling in a pot, then move it away from the fire. Put in the chocolate and mix with the spatula until the chocolate dissolves. Add lemon juice and grated lemon and orange peel.

If you are adding color, cocoa or some extracts, the cream should be warm. Leave the cream in the refrigerator to cool until you get a solid texture. Voilà!

Preparing the egg whites:

Slowly start stirring the egg whites in the middle speed with the gradual addition of crystal sugar and a little bit of salt.

Crystal sugar should be added on two occasions, once in the middle of the stirring, and the second time towards the end.

The egg whites snow should be firm enough, so that when the bowl with the mixed egg whites is turned upside down, nothing is dripping down. Do not forget to add color!


You can add color, extracts to the macarons, or if you want more than one color, divide the egg whites into different bowls and use the colors you like.

If you use powdered colors add the colors to the almond flour, which are two shades darker than the desired color, and add all the other colors to the egg whites.

I wanted to have two different colors, so I divided the mixed egg whites into two parts and added a different color to each of them.

Macaronization – Macronage

Add half of the almond flour to the mixed egg whites, and then using a soft (silicone) spatula (Do not use a wooden or metal spatula!), smooth it evenly and lightly, rolling it into a circle, so that the mixture overlaps until it is unified. Add the remaining part of the flour and repeat the whole procedure. In total about 50 circuits.

Important: If the egg whites with a mixture of minced hazelnuts and powdered sugar are not mixed enough time, the mixture will be dense, which means that the macarons will break during baking! On the other hand, if you mix too long, the mixture will be too thin, and the macarons will spread during baking and the ring will not be able to form.

Therefore, if it is not mixed well enough, the mixture will be too thick, and if it is mixed too much, it will be too thin.

Macaronization is done until a uniform mixture is obtained.

Tipp: Check the firmness as well by putting a bit of the mixture on the plate; if the top is smooth and straight, it’s okay; if the peak remains firm, stir a bit more to soften it.


Place a baking paper or baking powder on a pan.

Tipp: If it’s easier for you, you can draw the circles on the baking paper beforehand, and then fill them in.

Pour the mixture into a bag with a plain, round tip to decorate the cake and squeeze out circles of the same size (about 3 cm in diameter). Leave a minimum of 2 cm space between the macarons.

Tipp: after squeezing the macarons, hit the baking pan against the table for 2-3 times to let the excessive air out of them.


Now drying begins. The most important thing is that the macarons dry completely in order to form a membrane on their surface, so that when touched by a finger, they do not remain on the finger and do not stick to it.

Sometimes it takes only 15 minutes and sometimes up to 1 hour. It all depends on the room.

You’ll know they’re ready for baking when they’re no longer sticking to the finger when you touch them.

This is important, because only in this way you can get the specific ring around the macaroni at the bottom of the biscuit that is formed during roasting.


The oven needs to be heated to 150 degrees C, and the macarons are baked for about 13 – 15 minutes.

Tipp: always bake only one pan at the time.

The baking starts again with 2-3 checks. After two minutes, open the oven for 2-3 seconds so that the moisture can come out and then close the oven again. During this phase, a ring will be formed at the bottom of the biscuit. After 12 minutes, open the oven and check if the biscuits are ready.


When they are baked, remove them by letting them slip off the hot plate, in order to stop further baking and wait for them to cool completely.


After cooling, the filling and combining start, which is honestly the most fun part.

When they are completely cooled, merge two macarons with a little bit of cream, but do not press hard so that cream would not drip.

This time I have used the fastest and the easiest way to prepare the cream (sweet cream and melted chocolate), because we are very impatient.

Tipp: You can use Ganache cream, vanilla flavor, strawberry, chocolate or the like – no matter what kind of cream you use, there can be no mistake. The variations are countless.

Leave them in the refrigerator in a sealed container for 24-48 hours before serving.


Macarons should be kept for at least a half an hour at room temperature for the better taste and structure.


Filled they can stay fresh up to 7 days in a sealed container in a refrigerator.

Baked, unfilled macarons can be stored at room temperature for 2-3 days, in a hermetically sealed container in the fridge.

They can also be frozen, but only when there is no filling. Take them out of the freezer 48 hours before serving, fill them while in a non-frozen condition and store them in a refrigerator in a sealed container.


If you follow the rules, you can not fail!

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