A modern family bathroom is a place where life begins.

This is the place where a new day begins for each of us, a place where you get yourself ready and fill yourself with positive energy for all the daily challenges that follow.

Every day.

For years.

This fact should not be underestimated. A bathroom is a place where the quality of life is reflected.

MODERN BATHROOM: your own private wellness oasis

The life of a modern young family is full of difficulties and everyday stress, as well as many obligations that rarely allow us to relax and enjoy ourselves.

To me, as a mom, the bathroom is definitely a place for a little bit of peace and tranquillity, complete relaxation, precious loneliness and intimacy that are absolutely necessary for everyone.
As I have already explained earlier, it is crucial for us to have some moments for ourselves.

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Wellness at home – modern bathroom | Mamas Blogg

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This is the one thing. The other thing that makes this topic especially important to me is that I am not a morning person. I do not tolerate hectic and rush in the morning, but my obligations as a mom are on my daily schedule.


Morning stress management begins with the arrangement of the bathroom.

1. Organization

In order to avoid all this hectic, it is necessary to organize your bathroom well. Everything must have its place. From toothbrushes and hair accessories to decorative elements. That way the bathroom always stays neat, clean and spacious. Minimalist design and efficient storage spaces eliminate the chaotic appearance and provide relaxation. Elements separated from the floor (floating) of clear, straight lines are the perfect choice for the (most) optimal organization and they greatly facilitate and speed up the cleaning as well.
Also, pay attention to the layout of the furniture and elements. The proper arrangement of the washbasins, tubs(,) and cupboards can make the bathroom look much larger and more spacious than it actually is, and at the same time it improves the energy flow.

2. Energy

The modern bathroom should look neat and clean in order to emit soothing energy.
Feng Shui techniques pay much attention to the bathroom. It is very important that when entering the bathroom, you are satisfied with what you see. Despite all the makeup or the most beautiful wardrobe, this will not happen, if the environment is not pleasant and if the look of the bathroom does not cause you satisfaction and a pleasant feeling.

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EXTRA TIPS: ENERGY. Everything around us conveys some energy. From people and plants to the most common stone. Remove all the unnecessary things from the bathroom. Get rid of the unnecessary ballast, like massive bathroom furniture and sentimental decorative items. This will make room for new energy and permit you and your little ones to move around more freely. If you enjoy decorations and accessories, choose them carefully. Do not overdo it. When it comes to the arrangement of a modern family bathroom less is more.

INFO: My passion and enthusiasm for interior design have been encouraged by years of working as a professionaly trained consultant for the interiors.
That is why my mission is to unite the emotions and passion for reduced aesthetics – MODERN MINIMALISM and ritual architecture, without losing the sight of the energy that is always inherent in this intimate space. The bathroom is also the perfect place for me to create the OASIS of positive mood through aesthetics, smell, light and emotions. So, what I offer here is my professional advice 😉


The quality of life begins right there, in the bathroom. One good piece is enough to completely change (the story and) the whole feeling and the way your days begin and end.

For this reason, avoid unnecessary compromises when it comes to buying bathroom accessories.

It is enough to afford yourself and your family at least one exclusive element, for example: a sumptuous rain shower, a modern designed bath with light effects or a whirlpool function, energy efficient installations such as a tap sensor or (especially interesting for me) a digital mirror.


The modern bathroom is characterized by a simple design. The luxury of the modern era is freedom from the superfluous. This does not only apply to the modern lifestyle, but also to the arrangement of a modern bathroom.
Modern ideas for the modern bathroom are based on the unification of clarity, functionality and comfort. Pure aesthetics of lines should be reduced to function.


When it comes to the bathtubs the bigger – the better. Stand-alone bathtubs are an absolute hit. They are available in different styles and designs.

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Trend bathroom | Mamas Blogg


Large luxurious showers with glass, sliding walls stretching from the floor to the ceiling, are very practical and they are increasingly replacing the usual shower-cabins.


Every detail, from the furniture and decoration to lighting, has its role.
Minimalism, reduction to functionality, is a concept of modern design.

Minimalistically designed elements and shelves of simple, smooth and clear shapes contribute to creating plenty of open space. The impression of a tidy bathroom ensures clear thoughts and (visual) peace. In addition, they facilitate daily cleaning and enable a more efficient maintenance of the damp room.

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A special attention in decoration of the bathroom should be given to the choice of materials that will complement your space, because unlike other rooms, the bathroom abounds with a large amount of steam and water, which can significantly destroy or impair the appearance and quality of the material used.


Life is in small things. Just like the quality of life.

Extra Tip: If you have to adhere to a specific budget, a modern look in the bathroom can be achieved in a few simple steps. Fresh colours on the walls, new mirrors and lamps, as well as the replacement of towels and taps can do a lot.

The first (emotional) impression of the bathroom is determined by the colours.

Avoid vibrant colours and colourful patterns. The best choice is using neutral colours like white and beige. Modern and neutral shades of grey allow you to create a sophisticated and elegant composition in your bathroom.

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Relax zona u privatnom domu | Mamas Blogg

Modern bathroom ideas are based on a maximum of two colours, which are complemented by nuances and gradations.

Annoying contrasts are usually sought in vain, although this does not mean that only one eye catcher in the form of colour contrast cannot be quite spectacular.

Colours, proportions and lines follow the principles of nature and thus satisfy the innate need of many people for a subconsciously programmed longing for ground, authenticity and nature.

Installations of modern stainless-steel design will create a light futuristic spatial effect in the bathroom.

Extra Tip: A modern bathroom should emit peace and relaxation that can be created with comfortable armchairs, why not even waterproof paintings on the walls or a fireplace. The built-in reciprocating storage area also fits perfectly in a modern bathroom. Take some risks, the effect could be surprising!

With the right design and minimalistically designed elements of simple, smooth, clear shapes, even small rooms will contribute to the creation of a lot of open space.

New tiles or at least one wall with the colour accent will completely change the ambience.

A special trend in today’s bathrooms is certainly using decorative plants. The combination of water and greenery will contribute in a completely unique way to creating your wellness oasis and natural relaxing ambience.
Soft carpets and towels, photos of nature and scented candles will further enrich your oasis.


The motto here is: more is more!
The elementary concept is based on three variants of lighting:

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Light Magic | Mamas Blogg

Mood Light whose intensity can be adjusted according to the needs and mood the best would be neon lights around the mirrors, which can create a dampened relaxing atmosphere, or an excellent light.

There is also ambient lighting, a highlighted accent light on the side and also central lighting, which together make a harmonious symbiosis.

With this atmosphere in your bathroom, who still needs to go to a SPA (center)?

An additional bonus: the entire family can enjoy your small private wellness oasis, and your days can start without stress.

Share your attitude and opinion with other mom’s on the introduction of “time for yourself” down in the comments.

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