bundeva i decaPumpkin – why we love it

When we think about pumpkins, the first associations, in most cases, are autumn and Halloween.

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However, for me and my family, pumpkin means much more than that. And here’s why.

The Queen of Autumn

This queen of autumn comes from America. Due to its specific taste, color, and uncomplicated cultivation, very quickly it found its way to the tables all over the world.

Why children like it

Its sweet taste and extravagant look have left a positive impression on my children, too.
It is always welcome in our house because it brings incredible mood with its joyful and vibrant orange color.
Simply put, even if it just stands on a shelf as a decoration, pumpkin makes us happy and brings serenity into our home.

bundeva i deca

Why I love it

Although it contains almost 90% of water, pumpkin is especially rich in minerals and vitamins.
Additionally, it contains very few calories, about 30 grams per 100 grams, which makes it a perfect choice for a healthy diet.
It is especially good for getting rid of water from the body and inflammation, which also improves the body shape. It is recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women, in a moderate quantity, of course.

Benefits of pumpkin

Pumpkin for beauty

It works both outwardly and inwardly. Freshly grated, it is ideal as a facial mask. In only ten minutes it narrows wrinkles and purifies problematic skin, especially oily skin with mites, pimples, and acne, so it is often found in creams and facial masks.

Pumpkin in cooking

Due to its specific taste, it is one of the few foods that can be prepared in both sweet and salted varieties. It is also becoming increasingly popular in the vegan diet. The special culinary benefits of pumpkin lie in its seeds and oil.

Tip: Try adding pumpkin to your daily diet for a couple of days. Either as a cream soup, baked in the oven as a side dish or as a dessert, it doesn’t matter. I promise it will surprise you with a favorable impact on your overall psycho-physical state. Who knows, maybe this autumn, the queen will find itself on your family’s regular menu.

Pumpkin for health

Fruit, seeds and pumpkin oil are abundant with minerals such as potassium (protects the heart), phosphorus and calcium (for bones and teeth) and iron (strengthens the immune system and blood), as well as many vitamins of the C and B groups – such as B1, B2, B3, B6.
It reduces the cholesterol in the blood, and it can also be used as a prevention of pains caused by extended veins.
It is the ideal food for people suffering from stomach and bowel disease. As a diuretic, it helps with constipation and inflammation of the colon. It is especially recommended for people with arthritis and gout.

Pumpkin for a good mood

Pumpkin is rich in amino acids that stimulate the secretion of serotonin into the body, a hormone that creates a cheerful mood and causes a feeling of happiness. Thanks to the vitamins of group B, it calms nervousness and improves sleep.
It is sometimes much better for a person who is in a bad mood, to replace pills with a slice of cooked or roasted pumpkin. If every day during the season, melancholy autumn and winter depression.

Pumpkin Kürbis, bundeva

If it is consumed on regular basis, pumpkin can prevent feelings of anxiety, autumn melancholy, and winter depression.

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Have I awoken your imagination when it comes to this wonderful plant?
 Do you want to find out more about this wonderful plant or maybe a few recipes?

I am looking forward to your comments! 🙂