Chilling or what I call – lounging was never my thing. But that the relaxation could also be healthy and bring balance into my life was new to me. I discovered this recently. : D CAUTION! Since it is important in life not to exaggerate anything, the recommended moderation should also be used here. 😉 One day a week is enough. It’s even an energy booster as long as you do something that relaxes you. Everyone has to rest, cool down and restart at least once a week. A short delay and a short break are crucial for all of us. Relaxation is anything but a waste of time. It’s called Balance.

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The idea is to give your mind to the body, the mind, the heart, and even the inner spirit, the chance to relax and recharge.

Luxury or life necessity?

At first glance, the addition of relaxation to our everyday tasks looks like a luxury from the perspective of a mum, but you will be surprised how your relaxing management can change your life.


Do not forget: relaxation is essential for the health of the mind, body and mind.

7 Reasons why it’s important to let yourself relax:

  1. Relaxation has a big impact on overall health. For example, it raises blood pressure and increases blood flow in the muscles. It also reduces back pain, headaches, and tension reduces the likelihood of emotional instability, such as depression, anger, and frustration, poisoned by the body and psyche.
  2. Better sleep: a big issue for us, Mom.
  3. Improved memory and concentration: capture all these important and “more important” things (what XD was yesterday)
  4. Improved Immune System: Especially important for people who are constantly sneezing, mutant KIGA -Viren and stress are exposed (read: mothers).
  5. relaxation is an energy booster
  6. reduces stress. This will help us feel safer in our decisions about social contacts, life, and prosperity.
  7. Improved mood: A great way to improve your mood is to relax and unwind.
Leave all worries, tensions and stress behind and allow yourself a little rest. This will give you new power. MAMAS BLOGG
Interesting is also another thing that makes the difference. Every culture on the planet has at least one day of rest and recreation. Many use this time for intellectual or spiritual supplementation, while others sleep, watch TV, talk on the phone, play games …
Formerly a tradition today needs. It’s not unreasonable. Choose the day and the time that suits you and make a plan. Target takes some time for yourself as you give yourself and your family a gift. And that’s more energy and ability for everyone. MAMAS BLOGG

My ways of relaxation for your inspiration:

1. Reading books.

Still current, I love to relax with a good novel. Books are something special for me, although I’m obsessed with digitization. This is a special world. And that’s why it requires a special place. For example, this comfortable chair.

2. Enjoying creative hobbies.

You all know I’m a person with lots of hobbies. I do not have to prolong my love of design and making luxurious jewelry for all occasions. XD.

3.Enjoying Nature

The picture speaks for itself. I relax in the fresh air and cuddle comfortably in a hanging mate. What better does not exist.

Mamas Blogg tropilex

4. Hanging out with companion friends

Even if only for a 15 Minutes. That’s enough for me.

5. It is a special non-expensive form of relaxation: writing.

Hängematte der perfekte Ort zum entschpannen When an active break is routinely done, you can use the generated energy more productively, optimally, or more appropriately. And thats the Goal 😉 !

Tip: It does not matter which form the time takes to empty itself, as long as it is not destructive.

Relaxation is a recipe for a healthy and happy life, for a healthy and happy self. ” You owe yourself deep breath and a look at the long sunset. And if you find yourself being unproductive, remember that you can not work well once you’ve used up all your resources.

Healthy weekday advice:

“Relaxation is a recipe for a healthy and happy life, for a healthy and happy you.”

Share with us your opinion on the introduction of “time for yourself” in the daily schedule of a mum – life in the commentary.

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