It’s Sunday. It’s already 11:00 am and children are still asleep. But OK. It’s Sunday. This is a traditional day of rest. This is our day for relaxation.

Yes, it is true that we live in a time where each individual is expected to have activity 24/7, even from the smallest, children. More than 1 year of age, they are the smallest learning system to have something to do. At a certain time, they get up, eat breakfast, go to Kindergarten, and continually learn every day.

And what about us, moms?

Every day running for day-to-day responsibilities, and trying to help support our children, we forget about the most important things: ourselves.

Why do not we relax?
Perhaps this is because of a capital-based system, or a distorted work ethic that is “good for us”.

But for us, the moments of relaxation and relaxation are most needed for us, because it allows us to adapt both mentally and physically, to become more supportive, moody, more creative, more patient towards our children and the environment, and to make our whole life happier and healthier.

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Taking time for yourself is the behavioral pattern education method.

For: no one was ever grateful for the sacrificial lamb.
For: the sacrifice is so assuming.
Do not become sacrificial lamb!

How do you imagine yourself in the future? As a worn-out old thing that was good while serving and then thrown into the corner without a pity of grace and pity? Or as a self-confident, strong woman full of life and energy that everyone is admired and mostly those who call you your mother?

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We live in the world wo viele unsere leistungen und bemuhungen selbstverstćndlich sind.
Invest a little of your time in yourself, in your vacation, in your battery charging. Renew your energy, your health, everyone in your area will be grateful, and you will be happier, more satisfied, and self-confident.

You are a role model and an idol

Never forget, those little eyes look at you carefully. Looking at you and your LIFE MANAGEMENT, their personality, character, and way of dealing with they own life being constructed. Because children are not what we tell them to be, but much more what they see as they grow up.
How to say we do not have time for this?

Note: If you take care of yourself, your children will see it, and accept it as a normal approach to your demeanor. By taking care of yourself, you are actually taking care of them by showing them that in the future they must be themselves who care about their own well-being. No matter what you do, you are a role model. Behave yourself like this.

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Share with us all give your opinion on the introduction of “time for yourself” in the daily schedule of a mum down in the commentary.

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