I’m Gabriella Benz – author of Mamas Blogg.

Behind the scenes

There is just one person responsible for everything you see on my blog including:

Content (all texts and pictures…)
Translations (this Blog is in 3 languages for now…)

Web design (homepage, logo, photography,… )
Web development (html, css, WordPress…)
Digital marketing (social media, campaigns, digital growth…)

That person is ME.

Gabriella Benz – one damn cool MOM 😉

Who I am?

One of the most difficult questions that I had, to myself especially, to answer.
I’m Gabriella, first of all, MOM of 2 little angels, wife, and housewife.
By profession DIGITAL Marketing Manager, Interior Design Consultant & CEO of Phoenix DMD.
As well as a thousand other things:
blogger, jewelry designer, wife, housewife, woman, feminist, helper, cook, vegetarian, neo-Austrian,fighter, (ex)kickboxer, queen, princess, obsessive recycler, sales pro, addicted to high heels, jewelry and chocolate, realist, child, poet, self-critic , hopeless optimist … the list would be too long.

All of that does NOT define me, but it’s all part of my personality and who I am.

As a child, I was very introverted.
Always in my own fantasy world, and always in the company of a (Note)book.
I loved to read poetry and novels. Later, at puberty, I tried and challenge myself to write my own storys.
And at school I was, frankly, not the best. I had all the grades, from the worst to the best. At parent-teacher conferences with my name, the sentence was always: “A very smart and talented kid, but she’s just lazy.” That extremly bothered me then, because, the adjective – lazy – would never go with me and my personality.
I rather liked to said about my self, on the things I considered irrelevant or not interessting enough, I do not wanted to waste any time in my life.

My fantasy world was much more exciting than that.

And while my Girly Friends dreamed about boys, I saw myself more as a completely independent woman, who would like to be everyone’s Idol.
I dreamed to become such as a language teacher, (now i speak, 5, almost 6 languages), applied mathematics teacher, or a successful business-lady or manager.

As I’ve told everyone, here it is. I fulfill my promise.

Most of all, I like the role of MOM-teacher.
Books are an integral part of our lives,
I will always insist on this! No matter in what format. E-books, as well as digital books, are also books.
And mom loves those too.

Because knowledge is the greatest wealth that we can transfer to our children.

Learning is, still, an important part of my life, whatever it is going to be. It is used for personal improvement and satisfaction, as well as for improving my role as a MOM-teacher…


The birth of my 2 children has given rise to the ambitions and motivation, and has led me to finally start my career all over.
And I’m going to share all the accumulated knowledge and experience with you, as well as I’ve be glad to learn more.
I am the one who realizes everything she has imagined.
I’m the one who raise her kids the same way. And nature and society will help me with that.

I am in love with:

Babies, children, girly things, positive thoughts, friends, rest, loud music, loneliness, peace, friends, nature, animals, night, fairy tales, sports, healthy eating, walks, writing and learning (but not studying), dreaming…
Colors green, pink and black, water with fruit flavor, long skirts and dresses, tight pants, aesthetics, mirrors (because they always tell the truth), gifts, surprises, tears.
The smell of old books, new things, summer brise, autumn leaves, spring blossoms, fruit and dandelions, winter snow, wood fire, gasoline, sea. Car and bike ride. And some more stuff.

What I do not like:

Sleeves! Laziness, depression, malice, and envy. And snakes.

What I’m doing here, on this blog?

A lot.
Above all, I’m going to think aloud and give everyone an insight into my LIFE and SELF Management. I share useful tricks and tips for a mother’s life and self-motivation.
I support all women and those who need it, by writing daily stories from my personal life experience.

Why is this blog in 3 languages?

In my life it is like this:
I need English for my job.
In social life, I need German (because I live in Austria)
In my family circle, we talk in Serbian.

My motto?

Order, work, and discipline.

Info: Everything you read and see here, I do myself. I would be very grateful for any kind of Note of any mistake. Long live learning 🙂

Well, have fun!

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