Christmas and New Year are the most famous holidays in the world!

It is finally December. Christmas, New Year and other holidays are upon us.
Euphoria is starting all over the world, juhuu!
For children, these holidays are something special. An indescribable joy, excitement, incredible imagination and curiosity are at their peak even in our adult lives.

Mamas Blogg Tipps zu Weihnachten

The smell of coockies, on the radio and on the streets, festive music and all the little secrets create a unique atmosphere in all directions in the cold season.
Every day open a new door in the Advent calendar, enjoy sweets and good food, atmosphere, socializing with friends and relatives, telling stories and singing. And anyway, the Christmas gifts and presents!

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Mamas Blogg - Weihnachten

Every day open a new door in the Advent calendar, the joy, curiosity, enjoyment, Christmas biscuits and other goodies! It’s Christmas.

Holidays are always a special moment to celebrate traditions. But we, mothers already know: Christmas holidays have an additional meaning for us.
Household errands, organize, run, buy, finance, make everyone happy. In a word extra work.

And the extra work for us only takes away the valuable time we can invest in the future, the education and the happiness of our children (yes, invest). Here, the optimization of obligations and the reduction of stress is of central importance or as I like to call it: MANAGEMENT.

Only those who are organized can really enjoy the feast of love. What can you do now to keep your back free?

For parents, grandmas, blankets, aunts, uncles and other relatives and friends, the question is repeated every year: a real gift?
Which Christmas gifts for children are really useful?
Especially when looking for gifts for children of others, the choice is great, but the decision is not very easy. Playmobil or Lego, Unicorn, Robot, Castle or Kitchenette for Kids: What is the current favorite? What is already there? What do parents, grandfathers, aunts, uncles and godparents give?

Here are some tips.

Simple tips for buying gifts:

  1. Ask your children what they want. But be careful! After all, many kids believe in Santa and you do not want to ruin those Christmas charms.
  2. Create a wish list together.
  3. Talk to other relatives and friends about what they would like to give. Maybe some of them would like to join in, so that the child is looking forward to a slightly more expensive gift.
  4. Exchange ideas with other parents: for example, with neighbors regarding Christmas ideas about gifts. To get the best possible sense of what you can give – and what you can exaggerate.

Check again if everything is already on your checklist.

CHEK LIST for perfect festive joy:
A letter for Santa Claus
Christmas tree
Ornaments and decorations
Photo Apart
Right clothes
Christmas gifts

Weihnachten coole Geschenke Mamas Blogg

A few tips in advance: Christmas gifts for children can also be a wealth for the whole family, talk to each other and have fun.

For example, we love the gifts that bring our entire family together, such as ROBOTS for example.

Because we are crazy about technology and digitization and we are always happy with the age, even when it comes to gifts.
These toys are interesting for the whole family, also for Pappa. So you can enjoy not only a gift, but also in a common game to explore new opportunities and to open new perspectives.

Instead of running out of the store to find the perfect gift, take a look at my suggestions and ideas. Why not use existing work and gain time for your own benefit?

It is also important to know that in order to receive gifts in time for Christmas, you should look at the delivery time of online shops. Each delivery will not arrive in time, unless ordered in time. In addition, delivery may be delayed due to the large number of packages.

Do you find these tips useful? Share it with your friends and family.

Would you like to check your own tips for a stress-free Christmas?

We would all be happy!

We also like to read feedback.