Me – Lady Entrepreneur

Basis: The education of my parents

• The responsibility

What did they want to say, actually?
Responsibility. Once you get out of the house, you’re 100% responsible for your life.
Your actions, whether positive or negative, sooner or later, will affect all of your results. If you live or die, whatever, is completely your business.


If you rock it, good for you, if not, well, close by, is over too. Never, though sometimes easier, have I made my own results dependent on other people. I figured that, if you do not live by your own rules and beliefs, then you’re doing it after other people’s. You will live someone’s else prescribes to you.
This always caused the fear of survival in my mind.
I immediately deleted all the excuses out of my head. As well as looking for reasons why something is not working. Instead, I concentrate on the following questions;
1. How do I get what I want?
2. What and how much (a piece of my heart or money, whether, I did not care) will cost me that?
3. In what time and under what conditions could I achieve my goal?

• The Solution

I turn my focus on opportunities and possibilities. The life, and everything that stood in front of me on that point, I looked, on one eye through the pink glasses, and on my other eye  through the Explorer magnifying glass. The first, the pink glasses, I needed to create positive thinking and attitude. Yes, that’s right: to create.

• The obstacles

Since my head was almost always full of depression, which is a poison for thoughts, I had to create and construct my positive attitude first of all in my head. And keep me according to the plan. Forced, by myself, I have, from time to time, slapped myself awake. With positive thinking alone, you can not achieve anything. But with positive thinking, you can do everything better, than with negative. The negative substances in my head, like anger and despair, I kept as fuel.

• The precautions

The second, the Endcker-Lupe, I needed to improve the precautions. As well as to keep my eyes open and to discover new possibilities and to explore.

• The orientation

I have never been money-oriented. Many people know this fact about me. My family, my friends, acquaintances and work colleagues. I paid much more attention to achieving and preserving a complete sense of well-being (family time, happiness, experiences, peace of mind). In all levels of my life. In love, friendship, career. I was never afraid to take a risk, invest and shuffle. I always put ALL IN. Becausse, what I had to lose was not nearly as valuable, as what could WIN.

• The definition

Entrepreneur or life manager, for me, means that you consciously and voluntarily, carries your own risk to pursue identified opportunities. It is the expression of personality and inner attitude. A planned activity that stands out.
The BALANCE is, in the end, only the positive symptom of having done something else right before. Create something new, want to make a difference.

• Beeing ME

In every way free and independent.